Industrial Plastic Tote Washer

Name: Industrial Plastic Tote Washer
Size: 3800*1800*1600mm
Function: Clean oil, blood and fat, dust from plastic totes
Washing capacity: 300-500 totes/h
Application: Slaughterhouse, automotive, food manufacturing, broiler etc.

Plastic Tote Washer System in Uzbekistan

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This Industrial Plastic Tote Washer was custom built for SAXOVAT BROYLER LTD, a well-known poultry farm in Uzbekistan. It is designed to wash the totes surface of oil, blood and fat, and other stains to ensure that the food in contact with them is in a hygienic state.

During the food processing process, workers must follow the hygiene regulations set by the factory, which can avoid food infection by bacterial. The inspector usually needs to sample the food and the tote where the food is placed to confirm that the total number of bacteria on the surface meets the hygiene standards.

The chickens need to be slaughtered, plucked, cut, and packaged for broiler farms. And the cut chicken meat is usually carried in plastic totes or baskets for turnover. Therefore, workers need to clean and disinfect these plastic totes every day to ensure food safety and hygiene standards.

Our custom-made tote bin washer for SAXOVAT BROYLER LTD has two washing zones, the first one is used for main washing and the second one for sterilizing. It can improve cleaning efficiency, reduce labor costs, and achieve a better washing and sterilization effect. 

The washer in this article belongs to one of the tunnel washers, if you have other requirements for our washer, such as the need to add pre wash and rinse, we will make a new washing solution for you.

Basic workflow of industrial tote washer systems

1. The worker needs to connect the steam generator and air compressor to the corresponding connections on the washer.

2. Add enough water to the tank, and heat the water to more than 80 degrees Celsius.

3. Adjust the speed of the transmission according to your needs.

4. Workers manually place the plastic totes on the washer's conveyor belt.

5. The washer will use high-pressure hot water to automatically clean and disinfect it.

6. After the industrial container cleaning process, workers need to remove it from tote washing machine manually.

7. Then, put these containers into the storage area.

Video of automated tote washer machine

Functions of commercial tote washer

1. Equipped with adjustable floor feet, workers can freely adjust the height of the machine.

2. Equipped with overload protection components to prevent pump and motor damage due to excessive power.

3. Adjustable rails can fix many different sizes of boxes.

4. The buttons on the control cabinet adopt 24V DC safety voltage, which can effectively ensure personal safety.

5. With automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

6. There are emergency stop buttons on the inlet and outlet of the machine and the control cabinet respectively.

7. The machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, in line with food safety standards.

8. Removable service window, but please do not open it when the machine operates.

9. The electrical components in the control cabinet adopt Schneider, which has more reliable performance.

10. Fitted with a uniform drainage pipe, workers only need to connect it to the sewer.

11. The water in the tank is recycled, saving water and energy.

12. The water tank has two filtration devices, which can effectively prevent large particles of impurities in the water tank from entering the pump.

13. Equipped with the dosing pump automatically adds cleaning agents or disinfectants to the water tank.

14. Equipped with a frequency converter, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted.

15. Easy to install, only need an electrician to connect the wires according to the instruction manual.

16. Easy tank cleaning, just use the tap water to rinse the stains in the water tank.

The appearance of tote cleaning system

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1. I have three different boxes in my factory, will a large tote washer be able to wash them?

No problem, the washer's channel is customized according to your box's size.

2. What is the power consumption of this machine?

This machine is designed according to the concept of environmental friendliness, the total power is 11.89Kw.

3. What type of container do I need to transport this machine?

A 20-foot container is large enough to accommodate this machine.

4. My factory does not have a steam generator, can you help me purchase it in China?

Sure, as your partner, we are willing to help you purchase machines and we can help you load them, all for free!

5. How long will it take you to complete the machine?

For 380V/50Hz three-phase voltage, the production cycle of the machine is 35 days. For other types of three-phase voltage, the production cycle of the machine is 50 days.

6. The machine in the video has only the washing function, can you provide the tote washing systems with a drying function?

Sure, let us know the drying effect you need to achieve, and then we will provide you with a solution to the washing system.

7. What is the water pressure of the pressure washer in the video when cleaning the tote?

The maximum water pressure is 5bar.

8. I found you through searching tote washer canada, and I want to sell your washer in Canada, can you send me more details?

Sure, don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email or WhatsApp, then we will show you more details.

9. Can this machine clean the IBC Tote?

Sorry, the machine described in this article is not an IBC tote washer, so it cannot clean IBC tote.

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