Plastic Box Washer

Model: TW-35
Size: 3380*1200*1650 mm
Capacity: 200 boxes/hour
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tank Volume: 300L
Voltage: 380V / Custoimzed
Function: Washing and Tap water rinsing

Plastic Box Washing Machine - Single Person Operated

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The industrial plastic box washing machine can clean the box surface of dirt, juice, and oil, which requires only one worker to operate, reducing the labor cost. It can achieve a better cleaning effect than manual, and the water is recycled after filtering through the water tank, reducing water consumption. 

It consists of the main wash zone and a tap water rinse zone, which can clean 200 boxes per hour. This industrial box washer can add additional air blowers if you need the drying function.

Compared with ordinary tunnel washer, it takes up less space, only about 4 square meters, which will be a better choice for some factories with limited space.


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Video of TW-35


Capacity200 boxes/hour
Wash Zone1
Rinse Zone1
Dry ZoneOptional
Water Consumption100L/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Material304 Stainless Steel
Total Power7.62Kw

Features of the plastic box washer machine

1. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

2. The maximum cleaning pressure up to 4 Bar.

3. Equipped with double filtration unit, and the water in the tank is recycled.

4. The electrical components in the control cabinet are Schneider, effectively ensuring electrical safety.

5. Equipped with an emergency stop unit.

6. Equipped with Siemens inverter, workers can freely adjust the speed of the conveyor belt.

7. Equipped with water level sensor, can automatically add water to the water tank.

8. Equipped with overload protection unit.

9. Equipped with a dosing unit to automatically add detergent or disinfectant to the tank.


1. My company is a seafood processing plant, can your machine clean the fish boxes?

Sure, our machines are customised to suit your needs, we can design a fish box washer to suit your box.



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