Single operated Plastic Box Washer

Plastic Box Washing Machine With One Man Operated
Size: 3380*1100*1600 mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Capacity: 100-300 boxes/h
Tank volume: About 0.3m³
Total power: 24Kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz or Customized

Plastic box washing machine with one man operated


What is the plastic box washing machine?

A single-operated plastic box washing machine is widely used in meat processing plants, food processing plants, hospitals, fish processing factories, etc. For hospitals or other factories where space is premium, transporting a washer to the installation area can be difficult as the user has to consider the space in the installation area and the size of the corridors and doors during transport.

Our engineer David spent six months designing this Plastic Box Washing Machine With One Man Operated according to the customer's requirements to solve this pain point. Compared with the tunnel washer, it takes up less space, and only one person is required to operate the machine. So it will be an excellent choice for plants that have limited space.

How will this plastic box washer help my factory?

The plastic boxes are often used to hold vegetables, meat, fish, medical supplies, etc. Therefore, some stains may remain on the box surface in the use process, such as dirt, grease, blood, pharmaceuticals, and other stains. To ensure that these items meet sanitary standards, workers need to clean the boxes periodically deep and sterilize them.

Although manual cleaning can also meet the daily cleaning capacity of the factory, the cleaning effect is uneven, which is unacceptable for some factories with high requirements for hygiene and safety. Our washer will solve this problem by cleaning and disinfecting the box with high-pressure hot water at over 80°C and detergent. After cleaning, the tap water sprinkler will use fresh water to rinse off the detergent from the box surface.

Compared with manual cleaning, the machine has a higher cleaning efficiency and can clean about 500 boxes per hour, saving about 80% working time and 60% labor costs.

Features of the plastic box washer machine

1. The plate of the whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

2. Using 304 stainless steel pump, reliable quality, high motor efficiency, maximum cleaning pressure up to 4 Bar.

3. Solid 304 drive shaft with long life, no deformation, and deviation.

4. Recycled cleaning water source, high utilization rate, reduce waste.

5. Secondary filtration dramatically improves the use time of the water source, and the filter screen can filter debris.

6. High pressure and industry-standard sterilized water temperature, simultaneous cleaning, and sterilization.

7. Control components use well-known brand components, accurate and reliable.

8. The internal design of the equipment is brushed and polished, without hygienic dead ends.

9. The machine is equipped with an emergency stop device located at the easy-to-operate inlet and outlet.

10. Set observation ports on both sides of the device to observe the internal operation.

11. There are no sharp edges inside and outside the equipment. Regular operation will not cause harm to the operator.

12. The conveying speed is adjustable by frequency conversion.

13. Set an emergency stop device located at the inlet and outlet of the washing machine.

14. Automatic liquid level protection automatically cuts off heating and pump power supply when water is scarce.

15. Automatic dosing device to maintain the concentration of cleaning agent in the liquid tank (to be configured according to the ratio).


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Video of Single operated plastic box washing machine




Washing Speed



SUS304 stainless steel

Heat Type

Electric heating



Cleaning Process

Hot Water Cleaning











1 Year


1. My company is a seafood processing plant, can your machine clean the fish boxes?

Sure, our machines are customised to suit your needs, we can design a fish box washer to suit your box.

2. How many sizes of box can this washer clean?

This washer is only suitable for one type of box or boxes of a similar size.

3. I see from the video that this machine can only washes boxes, can you make a washer with a drying function?

No problem, please tell us the dryness you need to achieve, then we will provide you with a complete design.



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