Pallet Washer

Name: Automatic Industrial Pallet Washer
Size: 7320 x W2200 x H2250 mm
Function: For removing dirt, dust and other stains from pallet surfaces.
Washing capacity: 50-100 pallets/h
Drying effect: 70%-80%

Industrial Pallet Washing Machine

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What is industrial pallet washer?

Pallet washer is an industrial washing machine specially designed to clean plastic pallet, in addition to the basic washing and sanitization functions, it also has automatic depalletizing, automatic stacking, drying, etc. The final pallet cleaning system will be customized according to the customer's requirements.

The pallet is a very common plastic product that is often used for stacking, transporting or storing items. It is used in a wide range of applications, such as meat processing plants, milk powder processing plants, logistics distribution centers, etc. Workers usually stack multiple items on top of the pallet, then use a forklift to transport it.

As the capacity of pallets to be cleaned per day varies from factory to factory, we have developed two different models of pallet washer machine: the vertical pallet washer and the horizontal pallet washer. 

Vertical pallet washer 

The vertical pallet washer consists of two washing zones: main wash zone and rinsing zone, which takes up less space and has a lower price.

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Horizontal pallet washer 

Horizontal automatic industrial pallet washer consists of three washing zones: pre-wash, main wash, and brush wash, and is equipped with two high-pressure air blower. It can be used to blow away most of the water on the surface of the pallet while removing the stains on the surface of the pallet, with a drying effect of about 70%-80%.




Automatic pallet washing system

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How to use pallet washer?

1. The machine is started by a button on the control cabinet, then the temperature of each tank is set separately.

2. Workers need to manually place the pallet on the conveyor belt at the inlet.

3. Pre-wash zone will use hot water to soften the stain and reduce the adhesion of the stain.

4. The main wash zone uses high-pressure hot water at a pressure of 5 bar to clean the pallet, thus removing most of the stains from its surface.

5. Brushes physically remove the remaining stubborn stains.

6. Pallet enters the drying zone, high pressure air blowers will blow away most of the water from the surface of the pallet.

7. After drying, workers manually remove the pallets, then place them in the storage area.

Video description

We covered the pallet surface with heavy mud, then tested its cleaning and drying effect, please check out the video below:

(1) Vertical pallet washer 

(2) Horizontal pallet washer

Features of plastic pallet washing machine

1. Made of more reliable quality food-grade 304 stainless steel.

2. A uniform drainage outlet is installed, and only one drainage pipe needs to be connected to the outlet to complete the sewage discharge.

3. Equipped with an improved overflow port, which can filter out floating materials on the water surface while overflowing.

4. Using a large air volume high-pressure fan, the water removal effect is more pronounced.

5. The electrical components in the control cabinet are made by Schneider, which can effectively ensure the stable operation of the machine.

6. Electric heating and steam heating as an option.

7. The buttons on the control cabinet are 24V/DC safety voltage, effectively ensuring the operator's personal safety.

8. Equipped with a frequency converter, workers can freely set the washing speed according to the requirements of the production plan.

9. Equipped with an emergency stop button, press it inward and the machine will power off immediately.

10. The water in the tank is recycled, which can effectively save energy and improve the water utilization.

11. Water tank with automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

12. Equipped with an overload protection device to prevent damage to these essential parts due to machine overload.


1. What sizes of pallets is the automatic pallet washer suitable for?

The machine in the video is suitable for 1200*1000mm pallet, if your pallet is other size, we will redesign the machine according to it.

2. How long is the delivery period of this machine?

The delivery period is 30-50 days, if your factory has 380V/50Hz three-phase voltage, it only takes 30 days, for other voltage, it takes 50 days.

3. What is the water consumption of plastic pallet washer?

The water in the tank is recycled, only a small amount of water is taken out when the pallet leaves the machine. So the water consumption will depend on how often you change the water each day. For example, the capacity of each water tank is 350L, a total of two tanks, if the water is only changed once a day, the water consumption is 1400L.

4. We only have limited space in my factory and don't need the drying function, can you provide me with a smaller size machine?

Sure, we can customize your vertical wash pallet washer, which can save you much space.

5. How to install this machine?

The structure of this machine is highly integrated, only requires an electrician to connect to three-phase power.



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