Pallet Washer

Model: PW-50
Size: 4500*1350*2260 mm
Capacity: 120 Pallets/hour
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tank Volume: 500L
Voltage: 380V/Customized
Function: Washing and 80% Drying
Delivery Time: 50 Days

Pallet Washers

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What is industrial pallet washer?

The pallet washer is an industrial washing machine specially designed to clean plastic pallets. In addition to the basic washing and sanitization functions, it has automatic depalletizing, automatic stacking, drying, etc. 

Many industries use pallets for stacking, transporting, or storing items, which can protect their products from damage. Such as food, wine, milk powder, medical, pharmaceutical, egg, automotive, and logistics distribution centers.

During use, the pallet's surface may leave some stains, such as oil, dust, sugar, and chemicals. So it is necessary to clean and disinfect the trays regularly, which can prevent the products from being contaminated.

Our pallet washing machine can remove pallet surface stains quickly, saving energy and labor costs. The material of industrial washing tunnels is 304 stainless steel, and now we have the following three models available:

1. PW-50 

The PW-50 vertical pallet washer has a small footprint and energy consumption, which can clean up to 120 pallets per hour. It's an energy-efficient choice if your local electricity prices are high.

It has the main wash zone and rinses zone, and the cleaned water will return to the same tank for recycling.

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Capacity120 Pallets/h
Wash Zone2
Total Power
Tank Volume500L
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Water Consumption120L/h
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Maximum Washing Pressure5 Bar

Video of PW-50

2. PW-75

The PW-75 allows the pallet to achieve higher hygiene standards and blow away 80% of the water on the surface.

It consists of the main wash, disinfection, and drying zones. And it has two separate water circulation tanks, which prevent cross-infection.

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Capacity240 Pallets/h
Wash Zone2
Disinfection Zone1
Dry Zone1
Total Power
Tank Volume400L
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Water Consumption100L/h
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Maximum Washing Pressure5 Bar

Video of PW-75

3. PW-120 

The pallet washing system automatically separates, cleans, disinfects, dries, and stacks pallets, eliminating the need for workers to place them manually.

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Capacity150 Pallets/h
Wash Zone2
Disinfection Zone1
Dry Zone1
Automatic Splitter & Stacker1
Total Power
Tank Volume400L
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Water Consumption125L/h
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Maximum Washing Pressure5 Bar

Video of PW-120


1. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

2. The water in the tank is recycled, reducing water consumption.

3. Equipped with water shortage protection and automatic water filling units.

4. Use Siemens and Schneider brand electrical components for more reliable control panel performance.

5. Use the 24V DC power supply, effectively ensuring the operator's safety.

6. Equipped with a frequency converter, the speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

7. Equipped with emergency stop buttons.

8. Equipped with electromagnetic-locking safety door switches.

9. Equipped with overload protection units.


(1) What size pallet can this machine clean?

This machine can clean many different sizes of pallets.

(2) How long is the delivery period of this machine?

The delivery period is 50 days.

(3) How to install this machine?

You only need to connect the three-phase electricity and water supply.



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