Pallet Washer

Model: PW-50
Size: 4500*1350*2260 mm
Capacity: 120 Pallets/hour
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tank Volume: 130 US Gallons
Voltage: Customized

Pallet Washing Machine

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The pallet washer is an industrial washing machine designed to clean pallets. It can automatically de-stack, wash, disinfect, dry, and stack pallets, effectively reducing costs while increasing cleaning efficiency.

Many industries use pallets to stack, transport, or store items, facilitating logistics tracking and protecting products from damage, such as food, pharmaceutical, farm, automotive, warehousing, and distribution centers. However, pallets are susceptible to contamination from dust, oil, chemicals, and other stains during use. So it's vital to keep pallets cleaned and sanitized regularly, which prevents the product from being harmed by stains, bacteria, and microorganisms and extends the pallet's life.

The industrial pallet washing machine effectively removes stains from the pallet surface, which takes less time and achieves better cleaning results than manual cleaning, saving energy and labor costs. Our pallet washer is tailor-made according to your requirements and meets different industries' cleaning standards. At present, we have the following three representative models.

1. PW-50

The PW-50 vertical pallet washer is compatible with many sizes of plastic, wood, or aluminum pallets, so you only need one machine to get the job done! It consists of a wash zone and a tap water rinse zone, which can clean up to 120 pallets per hour. After cleaning, the filtered water will returned to the water tank for recycling, effectively reducing water consumption.

As an entry-level model, the PW-50 has a low footprint and energy consumption, making it a good choice for factories with limited space.

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Capacity120 Pallets/h
Wash Zone1
Total Power
7.62 kW
Tank Volume130 US Gallons
Control MethodButtton
Water Consumption30 US Gallons/h
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar

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2. PW-58

The PW-58 pallet washer machine is an upgraded version of the PW-50, which is equipped with five air blowers while increasing the size of the machine, capable of blowing away most of the water from the surface of the pallet.

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Capacity120 Pallets/h
Wash Zone1
Dry Zone1
Total Power
13.12 kW
Drying Effect70%
Control MethodButtton
Water Consumption28 US Gallons/h
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar

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3. PW-120 

As the ultimate model with a high degree of automation, the PW-120 pallet washing system offers higher washing and drying results than the previous models, which is suitable for warehouses and logistics centers that handle a large capacity of pallets per day.

The system uses PLC control, allowing the operator to start all the work processes with a single click through the HMI. The operator only needs to drive a forklift to place a bunch of pallets on the conveyor belt, and the system will automatically complete all the work, effectively reducing the labor intensity.

The industrial pallet washer has a drum filter that automatically discharges large impurities from the water tank. In addition, the wash and disinfection zones have separate water tanks, allowing most stains to stay in the cleaning area to prevent cross-contamination.

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Size720*102*96 inches
Capacity150 Pallets/h
Wash Zone1
Disinfection Zone1
Dry Zone1
Total Power
27.89 kW
Drying Effect80%
Control MethodPLC
Water Consumption25 US Gallons/h
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar

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(1) The material of the machine is food-grade 304 stainless steel.

(2) Use Siemens and Schneider brand electrical components for more reliable control panel performance.

(3) Use the 24V DC power supply, effectively ensuring the operator's safety.

(4) Equipped with water shortage protection and automatic water filling units.

(5) Equipped with a frequency converter, the speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

(6) Equipped with emergency stop buttons and overload protection units.

(7) Equipped with electromagnetic-locking safety door switches.

(8) Equipped with a dosing pump that automatically adds disinfectant to the water tank.

(9) Equipped with double filters, the filtered water will go back to the water tank for recycling.



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