Medical Waste Container Washer

Name: Medical Waste Container Washer
Size: 5000*1800*1600mm
Voltage: 380V/50Hz or customized
Function: Washing and sterilizatiing medical waste bins and containers
Production cycle: 30 days

Medical Waste Container Washer

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Product introduction

This is our custom-made medical waste bin washer for a medical waste disposal plant in China, which is used to clean Blood, Potions, dust on medical waster bins and containers.

For hospitals, it is very important to ensure the hygiene and sterility of the medical waste container. Especially now, due to the impact of Covid-19, hospitals and people are taking public health safety seriously, so hospitals have the medical waste disposal plant disinfect and sterilize the container on a regular basis. 

In addition, due to the limited space of the plant, we customize this small medical waste container washer with two-stage washing chambers to clean and sterilize the medical waste container.

Here is the basic workflow of medical waste bin washer:

1. This machine requires two employees to operate, and the default heating method is steam heating.

2. The employee adds enough water to the washer's tank, then heats the water to above 85°C.

3. The operator put the waste bins into the inlet of the washer, the conveyor will feed them into the washing tunnel.

4. The first stage cleaning chamber will use high temperature hot water and detergent to clean the waste container to remove internal and external stains.

5. The second stage cleaning chamber will use high temperature hot water and disinfectants to deep clean the waste container for a second time and sterilize it.

6. After cleaning, employees need to manually stack the medical waste containers on the pallet.

7. The pallet will be loaded onto a logistics truck using a forklift, then these medical waste boxes are delivered to the hospital.

Video of medical waste contaienr washer

Appearance of of Medical Waste Bin Washing System

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1. We are very interested in this washer, which heating method can achieve better sterilization effect?

Steam heating, as it heats water to higher temperatures and takes less time.

2. We have a variety of sizes of medical waste containers, will your machine fit it?

Sure, please provide us with the dimensions and pictures of each type of container and we will design the machine for you based on them.

3. I want to add drying function, only need to remove not part of the water on the surface of the container, how much will the length of the machine increase?

It depends on the size of your container, in general, the length of the machine needs to be increased by 1200mm.

4. We would like to add an automatic stacking container device at the end of the machine, can you make it happen?

If you only have one size of container, we can add an automatic stacking device for you, please refer to the following video by clicking here.

5. How long will it take you to complete the machine?

If the three-phase voltage in your factory is 380V/50Hz, it will take 30 days to make this machine. For other forms of voltage, it takes 40 days of production.



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