Medical Waste Container Washer

Model: MW-58
Size: 5800*1800*2000mm
Capacity: 200~300 Containers/h
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Function: Washing & Disinfection
Voltage: 380V / Customized

Medical Waste Container Washer

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For hospitals, it is essential to ensure the hygiene and sterility of the medical waste container. But instead of arranging for workers to clean it themselves, hospitals usually work with local medical waste disposal companies, who will treat the medical waste according to local laws and regulations, and then clean and disinfect the containers.

The medical waste container washer is an indispensable machine for medical waste treatment plants. It can remove blood, pharmaceuticals, and infectious medical waste from containers and disinfect them to achieve high hygiene standards. The filtered water will return to the tank for recycling, reducing energy and water consumption.

Our medical waste container washing machine is tailor-made to the size of your container, e.g., 2 gallons, 8 gallons, 18 gallons, etc. Regular models can clean 200 to 300 containers per hour, and if you need a higher cleaning capacity, we can redesign the solution for you.

In addition to the basic cleaning and disinfection functions, we can offer you additional options such as conveyor belts, waste decanters, container flippers, dryers, etc.


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Capacity200~300 Containers/h
Washing TemperatureUp to 160° F
Tank HeatingElectric / Steam
Total Power
16.94 kW
Tank Volume105 Gallons
Water Consumption30 Gallons/h
Three-Phase Voltage380V / Custoimzed
Material304 stainless Steel
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar

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The machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

Control panels with world-renowned electrical components.

Low voltage control using 24V/DC to ensure operator safety.

Equipped with overload protection units.

Equipped with adjustable guide rails, compatible with various container sizes.

Equipped with automatic water filling and water shortage protection units.

Equipped with VFD, the speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable.

Equipped with safety door switches, preventing worker injuries from misuse.

Equipped with dosing pumps for adding a chemical disinfectant to the tank.


1. I am interested in this machine, can you let me know its price and delivery date?

Please Contact us by Email or WhatsApp; we will provide a detailed solution for your requirements.

2. We have a variety of sizes of medical waste containers, will your machine fit it?

Please send us the dimensions and pictures of each type of container, we will confirm if using one machine is enough to clean them.



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