Industrial Crate Washing Machine

Model: BWM-58
Size: 5800*4200*1850 mm
Capacity: 200 crates/hour
Material: 304 stainless steel
Tank volume: About 1.1 m³
Voltage: 380V / custoimzed
Function: Washing and 99% drying

Crate Washer and Dryer - 99% drying

crate washer machine.jpg

Industrial crate washers can remove residual stains from plastic crate surfaces, consisting of pre-wash, main wash, rinsing, and dry zones. Although crate has a wide range of applications, each industry uses it to place or transport different items, so the stains left on its surface have a significant difference. That's why we need a customized industrial washing system.

Our crate washing machine is tailor-made based on your requirements, such as crate's size, stains, cleaning capacity, and the allowable space in your factory to put this equipment. In addition to the basic cleaning unit, the disinfection unit, blow-off unit, drying unit, U-shaped conveyor, dosing unit, automatic flipper, and automatic stacking device will be optional.

The following auto parts crate washer and dryer are made for Great Wall Motors, the largest SUV manufacturer in China. It uses high-pressure hot water to clean the dust on the crate's surface, which can wash 200 crates per hour; the dryer uses a combination of air blowers and centrifugal fans to dry 99% of the moisture on the crate's surface.

Easy to instill and use

The crate washer for sale is designed to be highly integrated, effectively reducing the time required to install the machine. The electrician only needs to connect the three-phase wires in the correct phase sequence, then connect the water fill and drain pipes. 

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Eco-friendly design concept

The negative impact of the greenhouse effect on our ecosystem is now increasingly evident, so each of us needs to contribute to reducing carbon emissions. As the best crate washer manufacturer in China, we designed the plastic crate washer machine according to the concept of eco and sustainable development. 

It effectively improves the insulation effect of the water tank, and the water will be returned to the tank for recycling after double filtration, which can save 30% water and energy. 

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Low operating costs

Most factories still clean crates in the traditional way, that is, by having workers rinse them with high-pressure water jets or use brushes to clean them. This conventional method is becoming obsolete in an era of labor shortages and rising labor costs. 

The crate tunnel washer can complete daily cleaning tasks in less time, saving 80% of labor costs and increasing cleaning efficiency by 300%. In addition to this, it can achieve higher hygiene standards, which is essential for some food processing factories.

Are you looking for a crate washer at a low price to help your factory meet higher hygiene standards? Contact us right now, and we will offer you a unique design solution depending on your needs.

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Industries where it can be applied

Our crate washing system is suitable for automotive, food, meat processing, chicken, farm, egg processing, fish, bakery, hatchery, fruit and vegetable, black soldier fly, slaughterhouses, chocolate, biscuit, medical, supermarket, packaging, and transport. The following are some of our customized solutions for our clients:

1. Milk crate washer for sale in Israel, used in dairies to clean milk, yogurt and cheese.

Crate washing machine.jpg

2. Bread crate washer for sale in Malaysia, used in bakery to remove the flour, butter, dust, and oil from crate's surface.

bread crate washing system.jpg

3. Meat crate washer for sale in UK, used in halal food processing to remove the oil, dust.

Meat crate washer.jpg

4. Live bird crate washer system, used in slaughterhouse to wash the droppings, feathers, and blood from poultry transport crates or plastic chicken coops.

live bird crate washer machine.jpg

Video Description

1. Entire Washing System - 3 wash zones and 99% drying 

Model: BWM-80                       Capacity: 200 crates/h

2. Agriculture Harvest Crate Washer in United States - 3 wash zones and 70% drying

Model: BWM-58                       Capacity: 600 crates/h

3. Biscuits Crate Washer in South Africa - 2 wash zones and 70% drying

Model: BWM-50                       Capacity: 300 crates/h

4. Chicken Crate Washer in Uzbekistan - 2 wash zones

Model: BWM-38                       Capacity: 400 crates/h

5. Transport Crate Washer in Uruguay - 3 wash zone and 80% drying 

Model: BWM-75                       Capacity: 500 crates/h


1. Equipped with a frequency converter, the speed of the crate washer's conveyor is adjustable.

2. Electrical components adopt Schneider, with more reliable performance.

3. Stainless steel nozzles can be adjusted 360°.

4. Equipped with emergency stop buttons on the inlet and outlet of the machine.

5. Equipped with overload protection unit.

6. With automatic clean water filling function and water shortage protection function.

7. Equipped with dosing pump with automatic detergent filling to the water tank.

8. Double filtration device, the water in the tank is recycled.


1. How to heat water in the tank?

It is available with electric heating or steam heating, if your factory has a steam generator or boiler, we recommend using steam heating.

2. What is the daily water consumption of this crate cleaning machine?

The water in the tank is recycled, and the daily water consumption is about 2-3m³, which is energy efficient.

3. Our farm use three different sizes of harvest crate, can your machine clean them?

Sure, please provide me with the dimensions and pictures of your crates, then our engineers will design the machine according to your requirements.

4. Which countries do you sell your machines to? I would like to get some references.

We have sold machines to 36 countries, which includes USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Uruguay, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, Angola, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand, Palestine, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc.

5. Could you let me know the crate washer's price?

Please tell us all of your requirements for this machine by Email or WhatsApp, and then we will offer you a quotation with the crate washer's cost and parameters.



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