Crate Washer

Size: 5800*1800*1600 mm
Function: Removing stains from crate surfaces
Capacity: 300-500 crates/h
Drying effect: 70%~99%
Heating method: Electric or Steam
Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Crate Washers

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What is industrial crate washer?

Crate washers are tailor-made industrial washing machine use high-pressure hot water to clean stains from plastic crates and dries the moisture on its surface. The standard unit contains a pre-wash zone, main wash zone, rinse zone, and dry zone. In addition to the essential functions, we can offer optional splitter, stacker, tilting units, disinfection units, drum filter, and one-person operating units as optional.

Almost every factory uses plastic crates to store or transport their products, often leaving the soil, oil, blood, food residue, and other stains in them during use. To ensure that the products are hygienic, the factory needs to clean all the crates based on the HACCP guidelines, thus preventing these products from becoming contaminated with stains or bacteria. 

Our automatic crate washer helps a wide range of industries to complete their daily cleaning tasks in less time, such as automotive, egg, food, meat, hatcheries, chicken slaughterhouses, bakery, dairy, and other industries. 

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Advantages of crate washing machine

Many factories still arrange for workers to clean crates manually, such as brushes or high-pressure water jets. However, it is a very physically demanding job for the workers and can't ensure an excellent hygienic result and a significant cleaning speed. In addition, many countries are now facing labor shortages. It will be difficult for HR to recruit enough workers for this labor-intensive job, so a cleaning machine would be a better option to replace the workers.

While ensuring high cleaning efficiency, the industrial crate washing machine can achieve higher hygiene standards than manual cleaning. And the factory doesn't need to employ too many workers, which will be a labor-saving option.

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Why Choose Us?

Our plastic crate washer is tailor-made depending on your requirements and is suitable for all sizes of crates in your factory. As a manufacturer, our engineers have been designing washers for over 15 years, and the workers have at least five years of welding experience. 

We designed some machines for well-known companies around the world. For example, the first picture's auto parts crate washer and dryer are made for Great Wall Motor, the largest SUV manufacturer in China. It can clean the dust, then uses a combination of air blowers and centrifugal fans to dry 99% of the moisture on the crate's surface; the cleaning capacity is approximately 300 crates per hour.

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Milk crate washer made for dairy processing plant in Israel, which is used to clean milk, yogurt, and cheese.

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Bread crate washer made for the bakery in Malaysia, which is used to clean flour, butter, and bread scraps.

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Food crate washer made for halal food processing factory in UK, which is used clean oil, sugar, and grease.

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Save Water & Energy

The crate washer machine is designed based on the concept of being environmentally friendly and sustainable, using an energy-efficient motor and pump. The water in the tank is recycled, and the cleaned water will go back to the tank after double filtration, so it can effectively reduce carbon emissions and save operating costs for your factory.

Easy to Instill & Use

Our plastic crate washer for sale is in modular construction. It has highly integrated internal fittings, so you only need to connect the three-phase wires and drain to complete the installation of the machine. Moreover, if you need, we can provide you with installation instructions via video call at any time.

Safe & Reliable

The buttons in the control cabinet use 24V/DC safety voltage, which can effectively protect the operator's safety. Furthermore, the access door of the wash tunnel is fitted with a safety door switch, and if a worker opens the access door while the machine is running, it will stop immediately.

The electrical components of our plastic crate washing machine are Siemens, Schneider, and Omron, all of which are internationally renowned brands and ensure the stable operation of units.

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The following are some of the solutions we have provided to some of our clients, please refer to them:

(1) Automotive Manufacturer in China: 3 Wash Zones + 99% Drying.

Model: BWM-80               Capacity: 200 pieces/h

(2) Sauce Processing Factory in Uruguay: 3 Wash Zones + 80% Drying + Additional Conveyor Belts.

Model: BWM-75              Capacity: 500 pieces/h

(3) Biscuits Factory in South Africa: 2 Wash Zones + 70% Drying.

Model: BWM-50               Capacity: 300 pieces/h


(1) Equipped with a frequency converter, the speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable.

(2) Adopt world-famous brand electrical components with more reliable performance.

(3) Stainless steel nozzles can be adjusted 360°.

(4) Equipped with emergency stop buttons on the inlet and outlet of the machine.

(5) Equipped with overload protection units.

(6) Equipped with a dosing pump, automatically adding detergent to the water tank.

(7) Equipped with double filtration units, the water in the tank is recycled.

(8) Adopt 24V/DC buttons to ensure the personal safety of employees effectively.

(9) The machine is made of thickened 304 stainless steel, which can reduce noise and heat loss.


(1) If this equipment needs hot water

For ordinary stains like dirt, mud, and juice, only need to use cold water, but for stains like oil, butter, and fat, which have strong adhesion, hot water is necessary to clean crates.

(2) What is the daily water consumption of this crate cleaning machine?

The water in the tank is recycled, and the daily water consumption is about 2-3m³, which is energy efficient.

(3) The countries you sold

We have sold machines to 36 countries, which include the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Uruguay, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, Angola, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand, Palestine, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc.

(4) The price of the crate tunnel washer

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