Bucket / Pail Washer

Model: BW-50
Size: 5800*1800*1900 mm
Weight: 1080Kg
Capacity: 500 Buckets / Pails Per Hour
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Function: Clean and Disinfect

Bucket / Pail Washer 

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The Bucket / Pail Washer quickly removes contaminants from the surface of plastic buckets, pails, and their lids, such as chocolate sauce, oil, flavors, and ink. It is easy to use and can clean up to 500 buckets or pails per hour and disinfect them to avoid cross-contamination.

Our industrial bucket washers are mainly applied to the flower field, food processing, and printing industries, and the size of the frequently used bucket is 15~20 liters. But don't worry, if your factory uses other sizes of buckets, we will provide you with a tailor-made solution.

The bucket and pail washing machine help your building improve cleaning efficiency and achieve higher hygiene and safety standards. It consists of a washing zone, a rinsing zone, and a disinfection zone. We can offer some additional options, such as drying units that blow away 80% of the water on the surface of the bucket, drum filters that automatically discharge large-size impurities, etc.


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Capacity500 Pcs/h
Wash Zone3
Dry ZoneOptional
Drum FilterOptional
Total Power13.1 kW
Tank Volume400 Liters
Water Consumption125 Liters/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Material304 Stainless Steel

Video Demo 

We applied chocolate sauce to the surface of the bucket and pail. After the chocolate dries, test the cleaning effect with high-pressure hot water without adding any detergent.

Workflow of industrial pail washer

1. Start the bucket and pail washer via the control panel.

2. When the water temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius, place the bucket on the conveyor.

3. The main wash zone uses high-pressure hot water to remove stains.

4. Disinfect zone uses warm water and disinfectant to kill bacteria.

5. Rinse zone uses cold water to rinse off any residual disinfectant.

6. Take out the cleaned buckets and move them to the storage area.


1. The bucket washing machine can clean buckets, pails, and lids.

2. The nozzle is adjustable to ensure no dead spots for cleaning.

3. Made of thickened 304 stainless steel.

4. The speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

5. The water in the tank is recycled to reduce water consumption.

6. Use 24V DC to ensure the operator's safety effectively.

7. Equipped with overload protection units.

8. Equipped with automatic water filling and water shortage protection units.

9. Use brand-name accessories to ensure the quality of the machine effectively.


What is the delivery time of the automatic bucket washing system?

The default delivery time is 50 days.

Can I get a quote?

To get back to you faster, please contact us via Email or WhatsApp, and we will quote you as soon as possible.

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