Bucket Washer

Name: Industrial Chocolate Power Bucket Washer
Size: 8000*1800*1600 mm
Power: 27Kw
Capacity: 300 buckets/h

Industrial Chocolate Power Bucket Washer

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Product Description

This Chocolate Power Bucket Washer was custom made for PT Dua Kelinci, a well-known peanut manufacturer in Indonesia. 

This industrial bucket washer machine consists of 3 stage washing room and 1 stage drying room. It not only effectively dissolves and removes chocolate dust, dirt and other stains from the surface of buckets and plastic boxes, but also dries the water on their surfaces, with a drying effect of 85-90%.

For the food manufacturing industry, ensuring food safety and hygiene is a very important issue. Therefore, the buckets used to hold raw materials or food for processing need to be cleaned regularly. Our solution is to clean the baskets with hot water + a food-safe detergent; the hot water at a temperature of over 85°C dissolves the grease and disinfects the baskets, thus ensuring food safety.

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Video of plastic bucket washer

Features of  bucket washer machine

1. This washer is capable of cleaning buckets and baskets of the following sizes:

(1) The diameter of the bucket is 315mm and the height is 370mm.

(2) The maximum width of basket feet allowed to pass is 550mm and the height is 420mm.

2. The machine consists of a washing tunnel of 4500mm in length and a drying tunnel of 3500mm in length, with a drying effect of at least 80%.

3. Cleaning 200-300 buckets and baskets per hour.

4. Stainless steel nozzles with freely adjustable angles are installed inside the washing tunnel.

5. Equipped with frequency converter, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted.

6. With double filtration device, the water in the tank can be recycled.

7. Adjustable rails that can be used to hold multiple sizes of baskets and buckets.

8. With an emergency stop button, the machine will stop running immediately with a simple press.

9. Pumps and motors are equipped with overload protection devices, so that if their operating power exceeds the set value, they will stop running immediately.

10. With automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.


1. I prefer the steam heating method. What is the steam pressure required for this machine? and the amount of steam consumption?

For steam heating, 120-300Kg of steam is consumed per hour, and the pressure of steam is 4 Bar.

2. Which is cheaper between steam heating or electric heating?

Sorry, although they use different devices, there is almost no difference in their production costs.

3. For steam heating, what equipment do I need to prepare?

You need to prepare a steam generator and a small air compressor

4. Can I get some accessories as a spare?

Sure, we will give you 20 nozzles, 1000mm mesh belt, 2 solenoid valves for free.

5. What services will I get after purchasing this machine?

You will receive the following services.

(1) The warranty of the machine is one year, if the three important parts of the pump, motor and air fan are damaged, we will send you new parts immediately, but you need to send us the damaged parts.

For other damaged parts, we will send the parts directly to your factory by air courier, and all shipping costs will be borne by us.

(2) Long-term customer service, if your employees encounter problems in the process of using the machine, please feel free to contact us, our engineers will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

(3) Regular customer visits, every once in a while we will confirm the working condition of this machine by email.

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