Plastic Basket Washer

Name: Industrial Basket Washer
Size: 3800*1800*1700mm
Function: Remove soil, vegetable juice, and sugar from the basket's surface.
Capacity: 300~500 baskets/h
Drying effect: 80%

Plastic Basket Washing Machine

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What is the industrial basket washer?

The industrial plastic basket washing machine can remove soil, vegetable juice, dust, food residue, and oil from the surface of the basket in a short time, then disinfect and dry it. 

It consists of the main washing zone, disinfection zone, rinsing zone, and drying zone, capable of cleaning 300~500 baskets per hour, with a drying effect of 80%. If you need to clean more baskets per hour or achieve a higher drying effect, we will provide you with a customized solution.

Plastic baskets are mainly used in the following industries:

(1) Transporting chicken meat from the chicken processing plant, where the prominent stains are blood and grease.

(2) Transporting foodstuffs, where the prominent stains are sauces, oil, sugar, and dust.

(3) Transporting vegetables and fruits in logistics distribution centers, where the prominent stains are dirt and vegetable juices.

After summarizing the needs of different industries for this industrial cleaning equipment, we designed the following two models of basket washer:

Standard basket washer

The standard basket washer contains three wash zones and one dry zone. It can wash 500 baskets and blow away 80% of its surface water, ensuring better cleaning capacity while effectively reducing labor costs.

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Space-saving plastic basket washer

This space-saving washer is better if you prefer a small machine or do not need the drying function. It has two wash zones and can clean 300 plastic baskets per hour. The most important thing is that its length is only 3800mm, which can save space in your factory.

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How to use the plastic basket washing machine?

1. Start the machine through the buttons on the control cabinet. 

2. Then, decide whether to start the heating, drying and dosing pump according to your needs.

3. Workers put the stained basket into the inlet of the washer.

4. The first wash zone uses hot water and detergent to pre-wash the basket, which can soften the stain.

5. The second wash zone uses hot water with high pressure as the main wash zone, effectively removing the stains.

6. The third wash zone uses cold water to rinse off the detergent. In addition, it realizes deep cleaning.

7. Then air blower will blow away 80% water on its surface.

8. After drying, the worker removes the baskets and places them in the storage area.

9. Use high-energy efficiency accessories, which can reduce daily power consumption.

Video description

(1) Three Wash Zones + 80% Drying + Single Operation

(2) Two Wash Zones Only

Features of basket washer industrial

1. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, in line with food safety and health standards.

2. The buttons on the control cabinet are 24V/DC, which will not bring any safety threat to the operator.

3. Equipped with VFD, workers can freely adjust the cleaning speed.

4. Use electrical components of Siemens or Schneider, with more reliable performance.

5. Highly customizable solutions compatible with all sizes baskets of your factory.

6. Equipped with a dosing pump, automatically add detergent or disinfectant to the water tank.

7. Equipped with automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

8. Heating method has two optional electric heating and steam heating.


1. How long is the delivery period of this machine?

For a three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, the production cycle of this machine is 35 days; for other types of voltages, the production cycle is 50 days.

2. What is the water consumption of the machine?

According to the working system of 8 hours per day, the machine's water consumption is 2~3m³.

3. We are a small supermarket chain, can you make a shopping basket washer for us to guarantee the daily cleaning task?

After getting the size of your baskets, we will provide you with a detailed solution.



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