Plastic Basket Washer

Name: Plastic Basket Washer
Size: 5800*1900*1700mm
Function: Used to remove dirt, dust, and sugar from basket's surface.
Capacity: 1200-1500 baskets/h
Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Plastic Basket Washing Machine

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Product introduction of basket washer machine

The Plastic Basket Washing Machine is custom-made for date farms in Israel, which is used to remove the dirt, mud, and sugar from the surface of baskets. It has two washing channels and requires two workers to operate. Therefore, it can reach a higher cleaning capacity of 1200-1500 baskets per hour.

These baskets are usually used during the date harvest when workers put the picked dates into the container and then send them to date processing plants or supermarkets for sale through logistics companies.

The sugar secreted by the broken dates will adhere to the basket's surface during the harvesting or transportation of dates palm. Therefore, workers need to use a washer to clean it regularly to ensure the hygiene of dates.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the global supply chain and the business environment received severe implications. To ensure the regular operation of the business, almost all departments need to reduce production costs. The tunnel washer has a higher cleaning speed and better cleaning effect than manual cleaning. In addition, this machine has a shorter payback time, as the machine's price is equivalent to 1 worker's salary for half a year, which can reduce a lot of time and labor costs for you. 

Now it's time to make a change, please send us the size of your basket, then we will provide you with a detailed solution according to your requirements.

The basic workflow of plastic basket washing machine

1. Add enough fresh water to the three tanks; then, the water will be heated to over 85 ℃.

2. Employees place the basket to be washed vertically into the washer's washing tunnel.

3. The first wash chamber will use hot water to pre-wash the basket, which is used to soften the stain and reduce the adhesion of the stain.

4. The second washing chamber will use hot water and detergent as the main washing zone, effectively removing the stains on the basket's surface.

5. The third washing chamber will use room temperature water as a rinsing zone, which can rinse the detergent and ensure the hygiene of the container.

6. After washing and rinsing, the air blower will blow away most of the water on crates' surface; the drying effect can reach at least 70%.

7. Then workers need to manually take the basket away and put it on the pallet.

Appearance of the industrial basket washing machine for sale

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Video reference

1. 3 wash zones + 99% drying

2. 3 wash zones + 70% drying + additional conveyor

3.  2 wash zones

Features of basket washer industrial

1. With double washing tunnels, the max washing capacity can reach 1500 baskets per hour.

2. Equipped with an inverter, workers can freely adjust the height of the washer.

3. The electrical components in the control cabinet are Schneider, with more reliable performance.

4. With washing and drying function, the drying effect of at least 70%.

5. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, in line with food safety and health standards.

6. With adjustable rails, capable of many different sizes of containers.

7. Stainless steel nozzles with freely adjustable angles are installed inside the washing tunnel.

8. The pump, motor, and air blower are equipped with overload protection devices to prevent damage to the accessories due to excessive power.


1. How soon can you finish this machine for me?

For a three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, the production cycle of this machine is 30 days, for other types of voltages, the production cycle is 40 days.

2. Can I get some accessories as a spare?

Sure, we will give you extra nozzles, conveyor belts and repair kits for free.

3. We are a small supermarket chain, can you make a shopping basket washer for us to guarantee the daily cleaning task?

Yes, we can customize it for you, whether it's a supermarket basket washer or a shopping basket washer. Please let me know the size and capacity of baskets you need to clean every day, then we will provide you with a detailed washing solution as soon as possible.

4. How much water does this machine consume per hour?

It depends on how often you change the water every day, the capacity of each tank is about 340L, the total capacity of three tanks is 1050L.



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