Baking Pan Washer

Model: PW-95
Size: 9500*3000*1850 mm
Capacity: 450 Pans/h
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage: Custoimzed
Drying Effect: 99%

Baking Pan Washers

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The baking pan washer can remove residual oil, starch, sugar, baking residue, and other contaminants on the pan surface, ensuring the food in contact with it is hygienic. In addition to the essential cleaning function, it can disinfect and dry pans, achieving high hygiene standards while reducing the time required for re-use.

Since manual cleaning can't ensure each pan gets the same cleaning effect, and the washing capacity is small, more and more companies are beginning to use washers to replace manual. Besides, it protects the operator from hot water or alkaline detergents.

The pan washer is mainly used in the bakery and confectionery industry, which can improve cleaning efficiency and protect sheet pans from bacteria, microorganisms, and foreign chemicals. It is compatible with many types and sizes of pans, such as 18 x 26 inches aluminum sheet pans, carbon steel bread pans with Teflon coating, stainless steel baking sheets, etc.

Our washers are 100% tailor-made to your specifications, and you can get a better experience by adding some options. For example, if you want to reduce further labor costs, we can achieve a one-person operation by adding conveyor belts and collecting bins. The following are two commonly used models:

1. PW-58

The PW-58 consists of a wash zone, a rinse zone, a disinfection zone, and a blow-off zone, which can clean 600 pans per hour and blow off 80% of the water on its surface.

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Capacity600 Pans/h
Drying Effect80%
Wash Zone3
Blow-off Zone1
Water Consumption120L/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar
Three-Phase Voltage380V/50Hz

Video of PW-58

2. PW-95

PW-95 is an automated cleaning system that only requires one worker to operate, effectively reducing labor costs. It adds a hot air drying area, a conveyor system, and two collection bins based on the PW-58.

This sheet pan washer can clean 450 pans per hour, and the drying effect can reach 99%, so the dried pans can be stacked directly without additional wiping. In addition, this machine can also clean 5-gallon buckets, so you only need one machine to clean both types of containers, saving budget and floor space costs.

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Capacity450 Pans/h
Drying Effect99%
Wash Zone3
Blow-off Zone1
Dry Zone1
Water Consumption30 US gallon/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar
Three-Phase Voltage480V/60Hz

Video of PW-95


1. Equipped with adjustable rails to secure pans of different sizes

2. Made of food-grade 304 Stainless Steel.

3. Each wash zone is independent to prevent cross-contamination.

4. The water is filtered and returned to the water tank for recycling.

5. Equipped with a dosing pump that adds disinfectant to the tank.

6. Equipped with automatic water filling, water shortage protection, and overload protection components.

7. Adopt 24V DC low voltage control.

8. Equipped with VFD, the conveyor speed is adjustable.

9. Equipped with the safety interlock switch.

10. Use Schneider electrical components, which comply with CE, UL, and CSA electrical safety standards.

11. Equipped with three emergency stop buttons.

12. Modular design, easy to install and use.


1. How do I get a quote?

Please contact us via WhatsApp or Emai, we will offer a detailed solution according to your requirements.

2. How long is the delivery time of the machine?

Delivery time is 45~60 days, depending on the model you need.

3. Can you recommend me a model?

If you need to clean multiple types of pans or have limited factory space, we recommend that you choose the PW-58.

If you have high requirements for drying effect or want to use one worker to operate the machine, PW-95 is more suitable for you.



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