Bakery Pan Washer

Model: PW-58
Size: 5800*1800*1700 mm
Capacity: 500 Pans/h
Drying Effect: 80%
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage: 380V / Custoimzed

Baking Pan Washing Machine

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What is a baking pan washer?

For many businesses in the baking industry, how to efficiently clean the baking pan has always been a difficult problem to solve. Manual cleaning of baking pans not only costs large money in terms of labour and materials, but also fails to achieve a good cleaning result. 

In addition, the capacity of pans that can be washed by workers per day is very limited. Whether it's a cake pan, baking tray, baking sheet, cookie sheet, muffin tray, plastic cake tray, food mental tray or cooking pot, the stains on its surface are very stubborn. These stains are often a mixture of grease, sugar, oil, butter, cream, flour, bread crumb, burnt food and other impurities, and the workers often need to clean them with the help of sponges, spatulas, baking soda and other detergent. 

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Workflow of the Baking Tray Washer

For most businesses, every worker's working time is precious, so it's time to ditch the traditional cleaning methods! KANZDA pan washer can wash different pan sizes in a short time, and it can also automatically removes most of the water from the pan surface. We will be able to provide you with different solutions depending on your needs for drying effects.

1. Use a spatula or other tool to remove any food residue from the surface of the baking pan.

2. Start the machine via the control cabinet and heat the water in the tank to above 60 ℃.

3. The worker placing the baking pans in the washing tunnel of the pan washer.

4. The first stage washing room uses high pressure hot water to soften the stains, so as to reduce its adhesion.

5. The second stage washing room uses high pressure hot water and detergent to remove stains from the surface of the pan.

6. The third stage washing room uses hot water to rinse the cleaning agent from the pan surface.

7. After washing, the pan enters the drying tunnel where the high-pressure air knife effectively removes water from the surface of the pan.

8. Finally, the baking pan is manually placed in the storage area.

Appearance of the Sheet Pan Washer

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Features of Bread Pan Washer

Capacity500 Pans/h
Drying Effect80%
Wash Zone3
Dry Zone1
Water Consumption120L/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized

Video Description of Baking Pan Washer

If you need to make sure the cake tray is completely dry after washing, please refer to another baking sheet cleaner machine we customized for Uni-President, a well-known bakery manufacturer in China.

Features of Bread Pan Washer

1. The machine is equipped with adjustable feet so that you can freely adjust the height of the machine.

2. Fitted with adjustable fixing rails to hold a wide range of pan sizes.

3. The spray nozzles in the washing tunnel is made of 304 stainless steel and its angle is adjustable.

4. The electrical components used in the control cabinet are Schneider.

5. Water tank is equipped with two layers of filtration and the water is recyclable.

6. The machine has an emergency stop button on the infeed and outfeed ports and on the control cabinet.

7. The machine's motor, pump and fan are maintenance-free and do not require regular lubrication.

8. Water tank with automatic filling function and water shortage protection, the water pump with overload protection.

9. Equipped with a dosing pump that automatically adds detergent to the water tank.

10. We will give you extra spray nozzles, transfer chains as spare parts free of charge.


1. We have multiple sizes of baking trays, is this machine capable of cleaning it?

Sure, the machine has adjustable rails that can be used to hold many different sizes of tray, but their sizes should not be too different.

2. What type of detergent do I need to use?

You need to use a non-foaming detergent that dissolves oil and dirt.

3. I want to remove the steam from the inside of the machine, can you fix it?

Yes, we can add steam exclusion fans for you if you need it.

4. What is the water consumption of bakery pan washing machine?

The water in the tank is recycled, so the amount of water consumed each day depends on how many times you change the water each day.

5. Our factory space is limited, so I want a small size machine, can you reduce its size?

Sure, our machines are customized according to your requirements.

6. What type of trays can this machine clean?

This machine is capable of washing baking pans, cookie sheets, cake trays, muffin pans, etc.

7. How long will it take you to complete this industrial tray washer?

It will take about 45 days to make and test this washer.



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