Trash Bin Washer

This is our customized Wheelie Bin Washer for the Chinese government, which not only effectively removes stains from the inside and outside of the bin, but also removes most of the water from the surface of the bin.

Wheelie Bin Washer丨Trash Bin Washing Machine

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Product introduction

The wheelie bin washer in the picture is a custom-made one for a government department in China, which not only effectively removes stains from the inside and outside of the trash bin, but also removes most of the water from its surface, the drying effect could reach at least 80%.

People in different countries call this machine different names, some call it Wheelie bin washer, some call it trash bin washer, some other people call it garbage bin washer. Despite the various names of these bins, there is little difference in their size and appearance.

This machine consists of four parts: bin lifter, bin washer, bin dryer and powerless conveyor belt, and the total length of the machine is 24000mm. For government departments, they value the safety, quality, cleaning effect and efficiency of the machines, and all machines are put out to tender, then the government selects the best one from all the suppliers.

The following is the basic payroll process of the wheelie bin washer

1. Before washing the garbage bins, workers need to dump out the solid waste inside the garbage cans, especially sand.

2. Fill the water tank of the trash bin washer with enough water.

3. The staff heats the water in the tank to 85 degrees Celsius through adjusting the button of control cabinet.

4. The operator put the trash bin on the bin lifter, and then it will automatically enter the wash tunnel of wheelie bin washing machine.

5. After entering the cleaning tunnel, the garbage cans will be cleaned 4 times by high pressure hot water.

6. High-pressure hot water with detergent not only removes stains from the trash can, but also disinfects it.

7. After washing, the trash can enter the drying tunnel, and the various air knives and air dryers in the drying tunnel will remove most of the water from its surface.

8. Finally the trash bin follows the unpowered conveyor belt to the ground.

9. Workers need to put the clean bin in the storage area.

Video of wheelie bin washing system

Appearance of garbage bin washers

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Feedback from client's company

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Features of Kanzda industrial crate washing machine

1. Equipped with a uniform drainage pipe, through which all water from the tank can be discharged to the sewer.

2. Highly automated operation, only two workers are needed to operate the machine, saving 85% of labor costs.

3. The electrical components in the control cabinet adopt French brand Schneider, which can effectively ensure the safety and stability of the machine.

4. The machine's motor, pump and fan are equipped with overload protection devices to prevent damage when the machine is overloaded.

5. Installed rails in the washing tunnel to hold the trash can.

6. Two sections of the machine with emergency stop button, press inward, the machine will immediately stop running.

7. Equipped with frequency converter, workers can freely adjust the speed of the conveyor belt.

8. Equipped with adjustable feet, workers can adjust the height of the machine according to their needs.

9. With automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

10. Two filtration devices are installed in each tank to prevent large particles of impurities from entering the pump.


1. What equipment do I need to have on hand to run this machine?

If the machine is electrical heating, only need to connect the wire, the machine will run normally. If it is steam heating, you need to prepare a steam generator and a small air compressor on the base of the connected electric wire.

2. Can you provide us some spare parts?

We will give you extra nozzles, conveyor belts and a repair kit.

3. Can this machine be used to clean the medical waste bin?

Sure, since the main stains on the medical waste bin are blood, chemicals and dust, the heating method of the machine needs to be steam heating. In addition, we need to add a dosing pump to automatically add disinfectant to the tank.

4. Can you provide us some spare parts?

We will give you extra nozzles, conveyor belts and a repair kit.

5. Can you send me the drawings of the machine? I would like to know if my factory can accommodate it.

Yes, we will design a drawing for you according to the information you provide us for free.



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