Fruit and Vegetable Washer

Model: VWM-40
Size: 4000*1300*1250mm
Capacity: 500Kg/h
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Function: Washing and 90% drying
Voltage: 380V / Custoimzed

Fruit and Vegetable Washer

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Industrial fruit and vegetable washer machine removes soil, dust from fruit and veggie, blow off 90% water from the surface, achieving higher hygiene standards. The entire cleaning system consists of a washer and dryer; besides cleaning fruits and vegetables, it can also clean meat, fish, and other foods.

According to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, the minimum hourly wage per worker is $7.25. But the truth is that you will bear labor costs 1.25 to 1.4 times more than it, as you will need to pay additional charges such as taxes, insurance, etc., for the workers.

This fruit and vegetable washing machine is the best choice for cleaning leafy vegetables, which can wash 600 to 1000 kg vegetables per hour. Compared to manual cleaning, the washer will save at least three employees in salary. Purchasing a commercial vegetable washing machine is approximately one month's salary for the three workers, and after one month, it will keep saving you running costs, so it has an excellent ROI.

1. VWM-40

Our VWM-40 industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine uses advanced cleaning method, where air from the sides of the tank floats vegetables on the water surface, then the infeed and bottom bubbles make them tumble and move forward. It simulates the worker scrubbing the vegetable by hand, thus achieving a better cleaning result than a typical vegetable bubble washer.

Some vegetables freshly dug from the farm have much soil attached to their surface, and if it is not removed in time, the water in the washing tank will soon become cloudy. Our commercial vegetable washer machine has holes on the bottom, which allows the soil to be collected and reduces the frequency of water changes, thus reducing water and electricity consumption by at least 50%.

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Tank Volume400L
Water Consumption220L/h
Total Power2.85 kW
Material304 Stainless Steel

Video of VWM-40

2. FWM-40

The FWM-40 is a multifunctional washer, which can wash many different types of fruits and vegetables, such broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, lemon, apple, berry, etc.

If you need to wash fruits, FWM-40 fruit washing machine will be a better choice. It can prevent fruits from collision damage during the cleaning process, which is very important for cleaning some fruits with fragile skin, such as strawberries, apples, pears, sage fruits, etc.

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Tank Volume400L
Water Consumption180L/h
Total Power4.7 kW
Three-Phase Voltage415V or Customized
Material304 Stainless Steel

Video of FWM-40

Here is a custom Baby Snacking Cucumber Washing Machine we built for a farm in Australia:

3. FWM-58

If you need a larger cleaning capacity, the FWM-58 is more suitable for you.

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Tank Volume600L
Water Consumption180L/h
Total Power4.7 kW
Three-Phase Voltage415V or Customized
Material304 Stainless Steel

Video of FWM-40

4. Drying Unit

Use high pressure circulating room temperature air for drying, which doesn't reduce the moisture inside the food. Our engineers design the structure and layout of the air knife according to the type and quantity of food to be dried, thus achieving the best possible results.

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Drying Temperature30 Degrees Celsius
Total Power4.3Kw
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Material304 Stainless Steel

Video of VD-40

5. Vegetable Washing System

If you plan to set up a vegetable processing center, this system can help cut, convey, wash, and centrifugally dry vegetables.

vegetable cutter.jpg


centrifugal dryer .jpg

Video Demonstration

Features of commercial leafy vegetable washing machine for sale

The food washer machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which meets hygiene safety standards.

The water in the water tank is recycled, saving water and improving water utilization.

The buttons on the control cabinet are 24V/DC safety voltage, which can effectively guarantee personal safety.

Equipped with an emergency stop, press it inwards, and the machine will stop immediately.

Equipped with adjustable floor feet, you could freely adjust the height of these machines.

Equipped with an overload protection unit. 

Highly integrated design, easy to install and use.

Brand name accessories are used to ensure stable operation of the machine.


I need a food washing machine to wash 1000Kg of sweet corn per hour, which model is more suitable for me?

The washer with a PP conveyor belt is better for you, in addition, you will need a brush washer to remove the whiskers from the sweetcorn.

How long does it take for you to manufacture this vegetable washing equipment?

If you need a standard washer with 380V/50Hz three-phase voltage, we have it in stock. If you need us to customise the machine to your requirements, the production lead time is 45 days.

Could you let me know the price of this vegetable cleaner machine?

Sure, please let me know your requirements for this machine by Email or WhatsApp, then we will offer you a detailed quotation.

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