Meat Lug Washer

Size: 5000*1800*1600mm
Fuction: Cleaning and disinfection of meat lug
Three-phase voltage: 380/50Hz
Default heating method: steam heating
Warranty: 1 year

Meat Lug Washer

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Product introduction

For butchery or other meat processing plants, ensuring food safety and hygiene is always an issue that cannot be ignored. For some of the more common meat products, such as sausages, hams, steaks, bacon, deli meat, cutlets and ready-to-cook products, plastic crates or stainless steel trays or molds are used in the processing. 

To prevent bacteria from growing and contaminating food, these meat lugs must be cleaned and sterilized immediately after use. Otherwise, in the hot environment, the food residue on the container is easy to spoil.

The meat lug washer in this page was custom made for a butchery shop in South Africa, which is used to clean the fat, oil and blood from the surface of the plastic lugs, then to sterilize them. It is not only able to achieve higher cleaning effect, but also can achieve higher cleaning efficiency, at least 300 crate per hour.

How to use this meat lug washer

1. Connect the air compressor and steam generator to the corresponding connections of the machine.

2. Heating the water in the tank to above 80 ℃ through the button on the control cabinet.

3. Workers manually place the lugs onto the conveyor belt.

4. The crate will then be washed and sanitized sequentially in the washing tunnel.

5. After washing, another worker needs to manually remove lugs, then put them in the storage area.

Video description

Parameters of the washer

1. The main frame of the machine is food grade 304 stainless steel.

2. Equipped with dosing pump to automatically add disinfectant to the water tank.

3. Equipped with adjustable floor feet, workers can freely adjust the height of the machine.

4. The main electrical components in the control cabinet are Schneider, which is safer and more reliable.

5. The control cabinet and the inlet and outlet of the machine are equipped with an emergency stop switch respectively.

6. The machine's pump and motor are equipped with overload protection devices.

7. Adjustable rails for fixing a wide range of lug sizes.

8. With double filtration device, the water in the tank can be recycled.

9. All the buttons of the control cabinet adopt the 24V safety voltage, which can effectively guarantee personal safety.

10. Equipped with a uniform drainage pipe, workers only need to connect a pipe to discharge sewage.

11. With automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

Actual picture of the machine

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1. What is the smallest size crate this machine can clean?

Our machines are customized according to the size of your plastic lug, and the default washer can clean the following sizes:

The max size is 850*500*310mm, the min size is 300*200*150mm.

2. We have a boiler in our factory, can you make steam heating for me?

Sure, the default heating method of the machine is steam heating.

3. How many times do you need to be able to finish the machine for me?

For the three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, it takes 35 days to make this machine, and for other three-phase voltages, it takes 50 days.

4. Can I get some extra spare parts?

Yes, we will give you some nozzles and conveyor belts for free.

5. How do I confirm that this machine is suitable for my crate?

After the machine is finished, you could send us some crate as a sample, and we will use it to test the machine for you, then send you a full video of the test machine.



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