Lug Washer

Model: LW-38
Size: 3800*1800*1750 mm
Capacity: 300 Lugs/h
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tank Volume: 400L
Voltage: Customized

Lug Washing Machine

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Farms, hydroponics, and meat processing plants use different lugs to transport their products. During the process, meat fillings, dirt, nutrient solutions, juices, and other stains are left on the lug surface, posing a potential threat to food safety.

To comply with local sanitation standards, business owners need to schedule employees to clean these lugs regularly. However, finding enough employees to do this work is not easy with labor shortages

The lug washer is an industrial hygiene equipment that helps businesses clean and sanitize lugs, ensuring their hygiene systems are HACCP compliant. It consists of a main wash zone, and a sanitizing zone, which prevents food from being contaminated by stains, microorganisms, or bacteria left on the surface of the lugs, ensuring food safety while increasing consumer confidence in the brand.

Our meat lug washing machine is tailor-made to your needs and is compatible with many types of lugs as well as their covers. In addition, we offer dryer, one-person operation, drum filter, and additional conveyor belts as options.

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Capacity300 Lugs/h
Wash Zone2
Water Consumption34 US gal/h
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar
Total Power11.62 kW
Tank HeatingElectric or Steam
Material 304 Stainless Steel 
480V or Customized


Meat lug washer tailor-made for an Australian customer, compatible with a wide range of lug sizes.


1. Made of food-grade 304 Stainless Steel.

2. Equipped with a VFD, the speed of the transport chain is adjustable.

3. Equipped with the safety interlock switch.

4. Equipped with water fill protection and automatic water fill unit.

5. Equipped with a dosing pump.

6. Equipped with emergency stop buttons.

7. Equipped with overload protection units.

8. With automatic water filling and water shortage protection function.

9. With double filtration, the water in the tank is recycled.

10. Adopts 24V DC low voltage control.

11. Compatible with multiple sizes of lugs and corresponding covers.

12. Use of Schneider and Siemens electrical components. 


(1) We need to clean 1000 lugs per hour, can you reach this cleaning capacity?

Yes, we can do this by adding wash zones or using dual channels.

(2) We are a small business, can you provide a small machine operated by one person?

Sure, please refer to the model of TW-35.

(3) Regarding the washing system, what range of lug sizes can be cleaned?

Our machines are customized according to the size of your plastic lug, and the default washer can clean the following sizes:

The max size is 30" L x 20" W x 12" H, the min size is 11" L x 8" W x 3" H.

(4) What is the delivery period for the machine?

For the three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, it takes 35 days to make this machine; for the other three-phase voltages, it takes 50 days.



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