Euro Bin & Buggy Washer

Name: Euro Bin Washer & Buggy Washer
Size: 3160*2230*2210 mm
Function:Used to wash meat bin, buggy, container, meat trolley.
Capacity: 15-40 bins/hour
Voltage : ​380V/customized
Power : 5.25Kw

Euro Bin & Buggy Washer

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Product introduction

Bin washer is widely used in meat processing industry and food processing industry, its role is to remove stubborn stains attached to the stainless steel bin, such as oil, animal fat, blood, butter, sugar, paste, etc. People in different countries call this machine different names, some call it bin washer, some call it buggy washer, and some call it meat container washer, but in any case, they need a machine with the same function, which is the machine you see in front of you. 

This bin washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel to meet food safety standards, which can clean 30-50 stainless steel bin per hour, even if the bin is coated with red butter, this machine can easily get rid of these stains. What is more important is its cleaning efficiency, cleaning a bin only takes less than 1 minute.

The following is the basic workflow of buggy washer:

1. Adding water to the water tank of bin washer.

2. Set water temperature and washing time via PLC control panel.

3. Push the stainless steel bin into the washing area and set the guard rail.

4. The stainless steel bin will automatically enter the bin washer and be cleaned with hot water and detergent.

5. After washing, put the cleaned bin into the storage area.

Features of Eurobin washer:

1. Using PLC touch screen control, after setting the parameters, the bin washer will work automatically.

2. All electrical components in the control cabinet are Siemens, which is safer and more reliable.

3. The bin washing system is able to clean the stainless steel bin at 360° without any dead angle.

4. Equipped with dosing pump to automatically add detergent to the water tank.

5. Emergency stop button is installed under the PLC panel, just press it gently, the machine will stop working immediately.

6. With automatic water filling function and water shortage protection function.

7. The water in the tanks is recycled and each tank has an easy-to-clean filter.

8. Water pumps and motors are equipped with thermal overload protection.

9. The machine is equipped with a guardrail to protect the operator. If the guardrail is pulled up while the machine is running, the machine will stop immediately.

Video description of 200L bin washing machine

Appearance of stainless steel bin washer

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1. How long do I need to heat the water in the tank?

It depends on the heating method of this machine. If you prefer electric heating, the time required is about 40 minutes, if you prefer steam heating, the time required is about 10 minutes.

2. How long does it take to make this machine?

If your local three-phase voltage is 380V/50Hz, the production cycle of this machine is about 30 days, if not, the production cycle is about 45 days.

3. How do I install this machine?

The installation of this machine is very easy, you just need to connect the three phases in the correct phase sequence, and we will provide you with a detailed installation manual. If you need help, we will provide you with technical guidance via video call.

4. What is the material of the nozzle? Can you give me more nozzles?

The material of the nozzle is 304 stainless steel, and we will provide you with additional 20 nozzles as accessories.

5. I was wondering if you could provide me with the PLC control panel in English or Portuguese.

Don't worry, we will set the language of the PLC control panel for you according to your needs.

6. What size container do we need for this bin washer?

You need a 20' container and I can have my freight forwarder check its ocean freight cost for you.

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