Tray Washing Machine

Model: BWM-50
Size: 3800*1800*1600 mm
Capacity: 500 trays/hour
Material: 304 stainless steel
Tank volume: About 0.8 m³
Voltage: 380V / custoimzed
Function: Washing and 99% drying

Industrial Tray Washers

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The industrial tray washers can quickly clean the stubborn stains from plastic trays, which helps you achieve a higher hygiene standard than manual cleaning. It is used in various industries, such as hatchery, eggs, microgreens, meat, bakery, etc. As each factory will use them to place different items, our industrial tray washing machines are not fixed models but are tailor-made according to the actual cleaning needs of each client.

The plastic tray washer machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and welded by technicians with at least eight years of experience, which ensures a high degree of hermeticity and gives the machine a great appearance.

Highly integrated design machine, making it easier for workers to install and use. Besides the essential pre-wash zone and main wash zone, we also offer the rinse zone, disinfection zone, drying unit, flipping unit, dosing unit, and conveyor belt as options.

1. Egg Tray Washer For Sale

The industrial egg tray washing machine can effectively remove the egg liquid, broken eggshells, and other stains from the egg tray and then dry the water on its surface.

As people become more conscious of food safety, more and more manufacturers of egg products realize the importance of ensuring tray hygiene. But manual cleaning is low efficiency, consumes much water, and does not ensure that all trays are cleaned equally well, so we need machines to do these cleaning jobs.

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This equipment will help egg farms or some egg processing plants, as it will complete daily cleaning and disinfection tasks in less time. And only one worker is needed to operate the machine, thus saving labor costs significantly.

We have three different models of devices, and you can decide whether you need additional units based on your requirements, such as an egg stacker, a drying unit, and a U-belt.

egg tray washing machine.jpg

If your factory requires a larger cleaning capacity, please refer to the following machine, which is capable of cleaning 5000 egg trays per hour.

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Main frame.jpg

Aotomatic stacker.jpg

2. Hatcher Tray Washer 

It is widely used in chicken farms and incubation centers, which can clean chicken droppings, broken eggshells, and chicken feathers from the plastic trays or setter trays. Ensuring that chickens grow in a safe and healthy environment has always been the goal of these industries, but in fact, it will be a challenging task for workers.

Removing these stains is not easy, first softening them with hot water, then cleaning and disinfecting them with high-pressure water mixed with detergent, and finally rinsing off the residual detergent with fresh water.

In addition, according to our survey of many of our customers, their employees prefer to use machines rather than high-pressure water guns to carry out these complex tasks, mainly for the following reasons:

(1) High-pressure water guns have a pressure of up to 100 bar, which is very dangerous if an employee mishandles the gun and sprays water on others.

(2) It is a very physically demanding job; keeping long hours of physical work every day can be exhausting for employees. 

(3) For traditional manual cleaning, the water is not recycled, which wastes a lot of water.

hatcher tray washer.jpg 

Therefore, both employees and managers of companies prefer to use machines to do these jobs, which would be a more effective and economical sanitation solution.

Before using these trays, workers must wait until they are 100% dry, as the wet tray will cause diarrhea and other undesirable symptoms in the chicks. If you want to reduce the time needed for the drying process, adding the air blower is an excellent option for you.

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3. Microgreen Tray Washer 

It can clean the tray used to place the seedlings or plugs, which remove nutrients, dirt, and plant roots to be an excellent choice for hydroponics, soilless cultivation, indoor vertical farms, and vertical garden systems.

After harvesting these plants, growers need to clean and disinfect the tray, then wait until it is 100% dry before planting new plant seedlings. The plug tray washing machine will create a hygienic environment for the seedlings and prevent them from catching diseases from bacteria.

plug tray washer.jpg

Plant growers clean the tray far less frequently than other industries, and the stains on its surface are also to be removed, so small equipment with two wash zones is sufficient for their cleaning needs.

Our machines use mesh belts, so no matter how your employees place the tray, it won't get stuck in the conveyor, which is much easier for employees to operate. In addition, we can tailor-made the equipment suitable for the operating habits of your staff, for example, by placing it vertically or horizontally, adding wheels to facilitate its movement, etc.

1020 tray washer.jpg


Our washing system can clean 300~500 standard plastic trays per hour, which effectively increases the efficiency of the entire production line.

Safe and Reliable

All buttons on the control cabinet use 24V/DC safety voltage, which does not pose any danger to the operator. It is fitted with an electromagnetic lock, and if the worker opens the access door while the machine is running, it will stop immediately.

Better Cleaning Results

The machine will be designed based on the trays used in your factory, which ensures that the effective cleaning area of the nozzle covers every surface.

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1. Solutions for the egg industry

(1) Manual model - 90% drying

(2) Automatic model - 70% drying 

(3) PLC control - 99% drying

2. Solutions for the hatchery industry

(1) Feedback from HasTavuk A.Ş in Turkey

(2) Poultry Tray Cleaning Machine

3. Solutions for the Microgreens


1. Equipped with a double-layer filter device, the water in the wash tank is recycled.

2. Fitted with a uniform drainage line, there is no need to connect a drain to each tank.

3. With automatic water filling and low water level protection function

4. It is fitted with a frequency converter, which easily adjusts the speed of the conveyor.

5. The dosing pump automatically adds detergent to the water tank.

6. Motor and pump are maintenance-free and have an overload protection unit.

7. Fitted with adjustable floor feet; easy to adjust the height of the machine.

8. All the electrical components are Siemens or Schneider, more safety and stability.

9. The buttons on the control cabinet adopt 24V/DC safety voltage to ensure the operator's safety.


Would the equipment have enough pressure to wash off any eggshell/ egg white residue or crack?

Yes, high-pressure water from nozzles can remove these stains.

We prefer to have only one employee operate this machine, can you make it?

Sure, w can add additional collection unit or conveyor belts for you, thus ensuring that one person uses the machine

How long do you expect it to take to complete the system?

If your local three-phase voltage is 380V/50Hz, the delivery time is 25 days. For another voltage, the delivery time is 40 days.

What additional accessories do I need to purchase?

Don't worry, and we will give you some extra spray nozzles, water level sensors, and conveyor belts as spare parts for free before delivery.



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