Egg Tray Washer

Model: KW-5000
Size: 7000*2800*1500 mm
Capacity: 5000 trays/hour
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tank volume: 450L
Voltage: 380V / Custoimzed
Function: Washing and 90% drying

Egg Tray Washing Machine

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What is a egg tray washer?

Egg tray washers can quickly clean the stubborn egg liquid and broken eggshells from 30-egg trays, which brings you a higher hygiene standard than manual cleaning. More and more manufacturers of egg products realize the importance of ensuring tray hygiene. Still, manual cleaning is inefficient, consumes much water, and can't guarantee that every tray gets the same cleaning effect.

The egg tray washing machine will complete daily cleaning and disinfection tasks in less time and only need one operator, significantly saving labor costs.

It is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and our technicians have at least eight years of experience, which ensures a high degree of hermeticity and gives the machine a great appearance. This machine fits the standard 30-eggs tray and eggs cargo system, of which the following two different models are available.

1. KW-1200

The KW-1200 egg tray washing machine can wash up to 1200 trays per hour with a 90% drying effect, which is suitable for medium-sized egg farms. It consists of the splitter, main wash zone, rinse zone, drying zone, stacker, and a slide for storing stacked plastic egg trays.

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Capacity1200 Trays/h
Drying Effect90% Drying
Wash Tunnel1
Wash Zone2
Water Consumption120L/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Max Washing Pressure3.5 Bar

Video of KW-1200

2. KW-5000

If your farm needs to wash more trays daily, this automatic egg tray washing system is for you, with a capacity of 5,000 trays per hour and 90% drying efficiency. In addition to the features of the KW-1200, this machine adds some extra units:

(1) Brush cleaning zone to remove broken egg shells from the inside of the egg tray.

(2) Conveyor system to transport the cleaned trays back to the operator's side.

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Capacity5000 Trays/h
Drying Effect90% Drying
Wash Tunnel2
Wash Zone3
Water Consumption200L/h
Heating MethodElectric or Steam
Three-Phase Voltage380V or Customized
Max Washing Pressure5 Bar

Video of KW-1200


1. The water in the tank is recycled, and the water will return to the tank after two filters.

2. Fitted with a uniform drainage line, only need one drain pipe to drain all the sewage from the machine.

3. Fitted with automatic water filling unit and water shortage protection unit. 

4. Fitted with a frequency converter, which easily adjusts the speed of the conveyor.

5. Equipped with a dosing pump, automatically add detergent or disinfectant to the tank.

6. Equipped with the overload protection unit.

7. All the buttons use 24V/DC safety voltage to ensure the operator's safety.

8. Equipped with the electromagnetic-locking safety door switch, the machine will stop immediately if the worker opens the access door during the washing process.

Additional solution

If your farm has a hatchery, the following hatcher tray washer will help you to clean chicken droppings and feathers, then disinfect hatcher trays. Its cleaning capacity is 500 trays/h, ensuring that chicks are kept in a hygienic environment and protected from bacteria.

hatcher tray washer.jpg 

Video Feedback from HasTavuk A.Ş in Turkey


How many workers are needed to operate the machine?

Only need one worker, saving labor costs effectively.

How to install this machine?

Easy to install, it only requires an electrician to connect three fire wires, a ground wire, and a neutral wire.

When will you finish the machine?

If your local three-phase voltage is 380V/50Hz, the delivery time is 45 days. For another voltage, the delivery time is 55 days.

Can I get some extra spare parts?

We will give you some extra spray nozzles, water level sensors, and conveyor belts as spare parts for free before delivery.



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