Eco Baking Sheet Washing Machine

Name: Eco Baking Sheet Washer
Model: BWM-25
Size: 2550*1300*1500mm
Washing capacity: 200 baking sheets/h
Application: Widely used in bakery industry
Function: Remove oil from bakery sheet's surfaces

Eco Baking Sheet Washer

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In this article, we are going to present this customized Eco Baking Sheet Washer for Uni-President, a leading Chinese food manufacturer. It has a smaller size and lower price, which is suitable for factories where land is expensive or limited space.

This washer is mainly used in small and medium-sized bakeries or cake shops to effectively remove grease from baking pans' surfaces. In addition to this, the bakery tray washer can also use hot water to sterilize the pan.

The washing tunnel is fitted with adjustable rails on both sides to hold a wide range of different sizes of baking trays, cake pans, baking sheets, muffin trays etc. So even if you have many kinds of the pan, this washer can clean them all for you!

If you are interested in our washers, don't hesitate to contact me via Email or WhatsApp, and we will provide you with a detailed solutionaccording to your needs.

The basic workflow of Baking Sheet Washer

1. This machine requires two workers to operate, please connect the steam generator and a small air compressor before using the washer.

2. The temperature of the water tank is set via the temperature control unit on the control cabinet. We recommend heating the water to above 85℃ to sterilize the baking sheet.

3. The baking pan is placed manually in the washer, and the pan is cleaned and sterilized with hot water at a pressure of 5 bar in the washing tunnel.

4. After washing, another worker removes the pan, then places it in the storage area.

5. Before cleaning another size tray, please adjust the guide rails first.

Video description of Bakery Tray Washer

Features of Kanzda baking pan washer

1. Fitted with adjustable feet, workers can freely adjust the height of the washer.

2. Fitted with a high pressure pump that is resistant to high temperatures.

3. All the buttons of the control cabinet adopt the 24V safety voltage, which can effectively guarantee personal safety.

4. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel in line with food safety standards.

5. The water in the water tank is recycled, and it have two filtration devices to filter large particles, which can save water and improve water utilization.

6. The electrical components use famous brand components, Schneider. The use of famous brand electrical components can ensure the safety and reliability of the machine.

7. The machine is equipped with emergency stop, which is located at the easy-to-operate inlet and outlet side.

8. Fitted with adjustable rails, it can be used to wash many different sizes of tray and pan.

9. Equipped with frequency converter, the speed of transmission to is adjustable.

10. Both the pump and the motor are equipped with overload protection unit.

11. Fitted with SEW motor and CNP pump, which has higher quality.

Appearance of the Bakery Tray Washer

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baking sheet washer.jpg

Bread pan washer.jpg


1. This washer up fits me well, but I don't know if it's the right pan for my factory use.

Don't worry, our washer is designed to fit the minimum size of your pan as well as the maximum size. 

2. What capacity steam generator does my factory need to have?

An 18Kw steam generator will suit this washer.

3. How long will it take to build the model we are after?

If it is 380/50 Hz, the production cycle of this machine is 40 days, for the other three-phase voltage, it will takes 50 days.

4. Can I get some spare parts?

Sure, we will give you some extra nozzles, an extra mesh belt and a repair kit.

5. I need to make sure that the tray is completely dry after cleaning, can you recommend a suitable mod for me?

Of course, please kindly click here for a detailed Youtube video.



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