Drum & Barrel Washing System

Name: Plastic Drum Washer
Capacity: 300 drums/h
Function: Washing + 90% drying
Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Plastic Drum Washer丨Barrel Washing System

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Product introduction

This Plastic Drum Washer is custom-made for a well-known starch and maltose manufacturer in China. It is used to remove soil, syrup, starch and dust from the surface of plastic barrel and then dry the water on the surface of the barrel with 90% drying effect. 

Customers in different countries have different names for this plastic container, some call it a barrel, some call it a drum, and some call it a bucket, but all in all, despite the differences in size, they are similar in appearance and our machine can effectively remove stains from it.

As the leader of industrial washer in China, we spent two days after receiving the inquiry to create a detailed solution for them. The entire plastic barrel washing system consists of a barrel washer and a barrel dryer, both of which have dual tunnels, the first for cleaning the barrel and the second for cleaning its lid.

Using our washing system can save 80% of the working time and 75% of the labor, the whole system requires only 4 people to operate, this will save our clients a lot of money in staff salaries.

Basic workflow of plastic barrel washer and dryer

1. The worker starts the machine and heats the water in the tank to 85 degrees Celsius by adjusting the buttons on the control cabinet.

2. Workers put the plastic barrel and lid into the two different tunnels of the plastic barrel washer respectively.

3. Adjustment of conveyor speed by frequency converter.

4. Barrel washing system will automatically deep cleans the inside and outside of the barrel.

5. After the washing process, these plastic containers will be sent to the drying tunnel. 

6. Then most of the water is removed from the inside and outside surfaces of the barrel, its drying effect is about 90%.

7. Finally, the employees remove the dried barrel and lid, then place them on the cart.

Video of Maltose barrel washing system

The appearance of maltose drum washer

plastic drum washer.jpg

plastic drum washer and dryer.jpg

The plastic barrel that needs to be cleaned in the client's factory

plastic drum.jpgbarrel.jpg

Features of Kanzda plastic drum washing system

1. The system has two parts: the drum washer and the drum dryer, which are operated by the staff through the same control cabinet.

2. The electrical components in the control cabinet are French Schneider, which is more safe and reliable.

3. With frequency converter, the machine can be adjusted to the speed of the transmission through the buttons on the control cabinet.

4. PLC control, and the brand of PLC touch screen is Siemens, the operation interface supports Chinese, English and Spanish.

5. The default heating method for water tanks is steam heating, which takes less time and saves energy.

6. Equipped with an emergency stop safety, simply press inward, the machine will stop working immediately.

7. Pumps, motors, and fans are equipped with overload protection devices to prevent them from burning out due to excessive power.

8. The tank filtration system consists of filters and strainers, so the water in the tank can be recycled.

9. The machine body and internal devices are all made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, more hygienic and reliable.

10. Equipped with adjustable feet, workers can freely adjust the height of the machine.

11. Water tank with automatic water filling function and water level monitoring function.

12. Equipped with a dosing pump, which can automatically add detergent to the water tank.


1. We have very high standards for container's hygiene, can you add UV disinfection to the cleaning tunnel?

Sure, we can add a waterproof UV germicidal lamp for you.

2. If we need to clean many different sizes of barrel, is this the right machine for me?

We can make machines for all your barrel's sizes, but since they differ in size, the drying effect may only be 70%.

3. We want to prevent water vapor from entering our production floor, can you fix it?

Yes, we can add a steam exhaust fan on top of the washer, you just need to connect it to the factory's exhaust pipe.

4. After paying the 30% deposit, how long do I have to wait to get the machine?

If the three-phase voltage of your factory is 380V/50Hz, the production cycle of this machine is 45 days, if it is other voltage, the production cycle is 60 days.

5. Can you give me some extra accessories as a backup?

Sure, we will give you 20 nozzles, 1000mm mesh belt, 2 solenoid valves for free.



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