Dates Palm Washing System

Name: Dates Palm Washing Mahcine
Function: Used for washing dates and dried apricots
Washing Capacity: 500-800 Kg/h

Dates Palm Washing System

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This Dates Palm Washing System was custom made for our client in Kyrgyzstan to wash dates and dried apricots, consisting of a pasteurizer, bubble washer, elevator, drum washer, brush washer. The whole washing line is used to sterilize dates and dried apricots, then deep clean them.

Dates are mainly grown in Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, California, etc. For local farmers, date palm cultivation has become a pillar industry. As it not only meets the local market demand, but also increases the profit for farmers through processing and export.

For dates and dried apricots, the main stains on their surfaces are dirt and dust, which cannot be cleaned well with water alone. That's why we added a brush washer to this industrial washing line, which can deeply clean the soil hidden in the grooves of the date skin.

The whole date cleaning line is highly automated, workers only need to put the dates into the machine and take out the dates after washing. This provides both cleaning efficiency and labor cost savings for the business owner.

Video of Dates Palm Washing Machine


1. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel that meets food safety standards.

2. Equipped with frequency converter, workers can freely adjust the speed of the conveyor belt.

3. Equipped with adjustable floor feet, employees can adjust the height of the machine according to their needs.

4. Fitted with 304 stainless steel nozzle.

5. Use of brand-name electrical components, more reliable performance.

6. Equipped with soft brushes, which will not damage the skin of dates during the cleaning process.

More Photos of Dates Palm Washer

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1. The size of these machines is too big, can I purchase only some of them?

Sure, and we can customize each machine according to your requirements.

2. Can I get some extra spare parts?

Yes, we will give you some nozzles and conveyor belts for free.

3. How long will it take you to finish the machine?

For the three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, it takes 35 days to make this machine, and for other three-phase voltages, it takes 50 days.




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