Crate Dryer

Name: Crate Drying Machine
Size: 4000*1930*2970mm
Voltage: 480V/60Hz
Function: Dry the crate, insert and cover.
Drying capacity: 600 crates/h

Crate Drying Machine

crate drying machine.jpg

The crate, cover and insert in the video are commonly used in automotive manufacturers, such as Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Great Wall Motor, Chery, Changa, BMW, Audi, etc. They usually use the above crate to load important parts such as car engines, transmissions, etc.

The crate drying machine in this video is part of the overall crate washing system, which use air knifes to blow off most of the water from the crate, insert and cover surfaces, its drying effect is about 70%.

Next we use this dryer to test different sizes of crate, cover and insert. Due to the power limitation of the transformer, we could only turn on two air knives at a time.

Here is the basic procedure of the test:

1. Pour water on the surface of the crate, and then place the crate on the conveyor belt of the dryer.

2. Only open the three air knives above, then test the drying effect on the surface of the crate.

3. Only open the two air knives on the right side, then test the drying effect on the right surface of the crate.

4. Only open the two air knives on the left side, then test the drying effect on the left surface of the crate.

5. Then we can see the final test results and confirm where all the water has been removed and where there is still residual water.

6. Next, test insert and cover in the same way.

Video of crate drying machine for sale in Mexico

Features of Kanzda industrial crate washing machine:

1. Fitted with adjustable air knifves.

2. The electrical components in the control cabinet are Schneider.

3. Equipped with adjustable floor feet, employees can freely adjust the height of the machine.

4. Fitted with an emergency stop button.

5. Equipped with frequency converter, the speed of transmission is adjustable.

6. Adjustable rails to hold different sizes of crate.

7. Motor and air blower are equipped with overload protection.

Appearance of industrial crate washers

crate drying machine.jpg

cover drying machine.jpg

insert drying machine.jpg

air knife.jpg


1. What is the power of this machine?

It has a total power of 39.6Kw.

2. We only have one size of crate, I need to wash and dry it, and I need to make sure the crate is completely dry, can you customize it for me?

Sure, our machines are customized according to your needs, please refer to the following crate washer and dryer.

3. How long will it take you to finish this machine for me?

If your factory has a three-phase voltage of 380V/50Hz, we can ensure that the machine will be ready for you within 30 days. For other three phase voltages, the production lead time is 50 days.

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