Chocolate Mould Washer and Dryer

Name: Industrial Chocolate Mould Washer and Dryer
Size: 12000*1800*1600mm
Function: Washing and drying of chocolate moulds and candy moulds
Voltage: 380V/50Hz or customized
Production cycle: 50 days

Industrial Chocolate Mould Washer For Sale

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Product introduction of chocolate mold washing machine

For the food industry, to ensure that food products meet local hygiene standards, factories need to clean the containers and machinery used to process food products daily.

We made this chocolate mold washer and dryer for a chocolate factory in Belgium, suitable for many chocolate molds or candy molds. It can effectively remove chocolate stains, sugar, and oil from the surface of the molds and dry the molds with a drying effect of 99%.

The washing machines consist of a washing tunnel and a drying tunnel, and both of them are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which prevents corrosion of the stainless steel surface and ensures that the processed chocolate meets food hygiene standards. The washing tunnel has a pre-wash zone, main wash zone, and rinse zone. The drying tunnel is composed of a whirlpool air pump and hot air dryers.

Compared to manual cleaning by workers, the chocolate tray washer can complete a day's cleaning in less time than manual cleaning by workers and achieve better cleaning standards.

If your production lines only need to clean a small number of chocolate molds per day, purchasing the washing systems with a length of 12000mm would be an expensive option. But don't worry, we can make a smaller size chocolate mold washer for you according to your factory's washing capacity and space.

The workflow of chocolate plaques washer:

1. The worker adds enough water to the tank, then heats the water to 85°C via a button on the control cabinet.

2. Put the stained chocolate mold into the inlet of the washer.

3. The washer's three washing zones will start washing and sanitization.

4. After chocolate mould washing, the air knife will blow away most of the water from the surface of the mold.

5. Then the mould will enter the drying tunnel, the high-temperature hot air will dry the remaining moisture on the surface of the mould, the drying effect is about 99%.

6. After drying, the mould will follow the conveyor belt to the discharge port.

7. The worker removes the molds and puts them in the storage area.

Video description of candy mould washing machine

Features of Kanzda chocolate tray washer:

1. Equipped with multiple high-pressure fans, capable of achieving 99% drying.

2. With adjustable floor feet, employees can freely adjust the height of the machine.

3. The electrical components in the control cabinet are Schneider, which is safer and more reliable.

4. The water tank has a double filtration device, and the water in the tank is recycled.

5. Adjustable guide rails to accommodate many different mold sizes.

6. Equipped with a frequency converter, employees can adjust the transmission speed according to their needs.

7. The material of the machine is 304 stainless steel, in line with food safety standards.

8. Water tank with automatic water filling and shortage protection functions.

9. Equipped with an overload protection device to prevent damage to the pump, motor, and air blower due to thermal overload.

10. The control cabinet and the inlet and outlet of the machine are equipped with an emergency stop button.

11. Highly customized service, we can make chocolate mold washer or cheese block mould washer for you according to the container you need to clean.

Appearance of candy mould washer

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chocolate mold washer.jpg

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1. We only have limited space for this machine in our factory, can you make a small machine for me?

Don't worry, whether you need to clean chocolate trays or cheese moulds, we can customize the machine for you.

2. What is the delivery time for the machine?

If your local voltage is 380V/50Hz, the delivery time is 40 days, otherwise the delivery time will take 60 days.

3. How long does it take to heat the water in the tank?

For steam heating, it takes about 10 minutes to raise the water temperature to 85 degrees Celsius.

For electric heating, it takes about 20-30 minutes to raise the water temperature to 85 degrees Celsius.

4. Can I get extra accessories as a spare?

Sure, we will send you extra conveyor belts, nozzles and a repair kit for free.

5. What container do I need to load this machine?

You need a 40' container.

6. I am looking for a meat mould washer for my meat processing plant, can you help me?

Sure, please provide us with some information about your tray, such as size, pictures, etc.

7. In addition to chocolate, my factory also makes cup cakes, do you have a pan washer for cleaning cup cake pan?

Sure, please refer to this baking pan washer. In addition, if you need to clean the boxes for transporting chocolate or candy, please refer to the box washer.

8. We need to clean the bucket that holds the chocolate powder, do you have a suitable machine?

Sure, please refer to our custom-made chocolate powder bucket washer for Indonesian client.



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