Chocolate Mould Washer

Model: MW-50
Size: 5800*1700*1650mm
Capacity: 500 Moulds/h
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Function: Washing and 90% drying
Voltage: 380V / Customized

Chocolate Mould Washers

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For chocolate manufacturers, it is crucial to ensure the hygiene of chocolate factories, which prevents the chocolate from being contaminated during production and thus ensures that it meets your local hygiene standards. In addition, showing your customers the chocolate production environment will help you build a safe and trustworthy brand.

The chocolate mould washer is an industrial hygiene machine for cleaning residual chocolate and cocoa butter from moulds. It removes stubborn stains from the mould surface and disinfects it to prevent bacterial and microbial contamination, ensuring the chocolate produced in your factory meets hygiene standards.

Our chocolate mould washing machine is tailor-made to your needs, thus compatible with all your sizes of molds and plaques. It can clean 500 molds per hour, blowing away 80% of the water on the surface. If you need a higher drying effect, we can add drying units to achieve 99% drying.

Appearance of Chocolate Mold Washer

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Capacity500 Moulds/h
Drying Effect80%~99%
Washing TemperatureUp to 85 degrees Celsius
Tank HeatingElectric / Steam
Total Power
24.12 kW
Tank Volume450L
Water Consumption120L/h
Three-Phase Voltage380V / Custoimzed
Material304 stainless Steel
Maximum Washing Pressure5 Bar

Video Demo of Chocolate Mold Washing Machine

(1) Made For a Belgian Client

(2) Made for a Chinese Client


(1) Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

(2) Compatible with many types of moulds.

(3) The electrical components inside the control panel are Schneider.

(4) The cleaned water is filtered and returned to the water tank for recycling.

(5) With automatic water filling and water shortage protection function

(6) Equipped with overload protection components.

(7) Equipped with safety interlocks to protect the operator.

(8) Equipped with VFD, the speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

(9) Equipped with a dosing pump that automatically adds disinfectant or detergent to the tank.

(10) The control voltage is 24V/DC to ensure the operator's safety.


(1) One-people operation.

(2) Additional conveyor belt.

(3) Drum filter automatically removes impurities from the tank.


1. What is the difference between steam heating and electric heating?

Steam heating takes about 10 minutes to raise the water temperature to 85 degrees Celsius.

Electric heating takes about 20~30 minutes to raise the water temperature to 85 degrees Celsius

2. Can you let me know the price and delivery date of the machine?

Please Contact Us via Email or WhatsApp, then we will offer you a detailed quotation and drawing.

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